Live Music Every Friday, Saturday , Reggae Sunday and Music Row Monday!

Friday, July 19: Ryan Zimmerman 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, July 20: Lick My Soul 3-7PM

Saturday, July 20: Nikki Davis Duo 9PM-Midnight

Reggae Sunday: July 21, Mike Oregano 4-7PM

Music Row Monday: July 22, Paul Tozz 7-10PM

Friday, July 26: Chris Yoder 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, July 27: Glenn Robert’s Birthday Celebration 3-7PM

Saturday, July 27: Covert Pop 9PM-Midnight

Reggae Sunday, July 28: Brother Jerome 4-7PM

Music Row Monday, July 29: Tom Pernal 7-10PM

Friday, August 2:

Saturday, August 3: Danny Eyer 3-7PM

Saturday, August 3: Keep the Change Duo 9PM-Midnight

Reggae Sunday, August 4: Adwela and the Uprising

Music Row Monday, August 5: 7-10PM

Friday, August 9: Justin Jones, 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, August 10: Dead Reckoning 6-10PM

Reggae Sunday, August 11: LNj Sessions 4-7PM

Music Row Monday, August 12: Stimpy’s Revenge 7 –10PM

Friday, August 16:

Saturday, August 17: Mike & Stephanie 9PM-Midnight

Reggae Sunday, August 18:

Music Row Monday, August 19: Spencer Joy 7-10PM

Air Show Wednesday, August 21: Glenn Roberts 3-7PM

Friday, August 23:

Saturday, August 24: Brandon Ireland 4-7PM

Saturday, August 24: Straight Down Duo 9PM-Midnight

Reggae Sunday, August 25: Brother Jerome 4-7PM

Music Row Monday, August 26: Mike & Kristie 7-10PM

Thursday, August 29: Elliot Lewis from Hall & Oates with James Howell 6-10PM

Friday, August 30:

Saturday, August 31: Glenn Roberts, 3–7PM

Saturday, August 31: Ryan Zimmerman, 9PM-Midnight

Reggae Sunday, September 1: Ill Rendition 4–7PM

Friday, September 7: Brandon Ireland Duo 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, September 14: Glenn Roberts 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, October 12: Glenn Roberts 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, November 9: Glenn Roberts 9PM-Midnight

Saturday, December 14: Glenn Roberts 9PM-Midnight